I would love to have YOUR Endorsement! Please email a few words as to why you support my re-election.
Allister Adel – Maricopa County Attorney
Eddie Cook – Maricopa County Assessor
Professional Fire Fighters of Arizona
Gail Barney – QC Mayor
Julia Wheatley – QC Vice Mayor
John Giles – Mesa Mayor
Kevin Thompson – Mesa Town Council
Jenn Daniels – Gilbert Mayor
Gordon Mortensen – former QC Town Council
Mike Lucas – Retired MCSO Deputy for QC
Monte Nevitt
Southwest Gas Arizona PAC

Rachel Broughten‎ 

As a small business owner and resident here in Queen Creek I thank Jeff Brown for all he continues to do for our community. His transparency and commitment to our town is refreshing. Jeff Brown has always been readily available for my questions and concerns, I thank him for his continued honest approach to politics. - Rachel Broughten, 


‎R Logan Rezvani‎ 

I am delighted to endorse Councilman Jeff Brown as he pursues re-election to the Queen Creek City Council. Over the past several years Jeff has displayed a sense of commitment to the City of Queen Creek that is seldom seen. Jeff's avid support for the expansion of local businesses and proven fiscal conservatism provide the type of leadership that is beneficial to the residents of Queen Creek as we continue to expand towards the future while preserving the City’s proud history.

‎Renee Brunner VanAusdal‎

I've had many conversations with people about politics, and no matter which side you fall on, the sentiment is often the same: Politics is Full of Politicians-- and that is rarely meant in a good way. smile emoticon Councilman Jeff Brown has proven the negative stereotypes wrong, time and time again. He truly cares about the people, and he is doing everything he can to make Queen Creek an ideal place to live.

When Jeff Brown supports something, it's because he has thought it through from many different angles. He champions accountability and community. I've seen this proven on one community issue after another.

I could leave a bunch of buzzwords here, but I think my personal interactions with the councilman prove more about his dedication to serving Queen Creek and the people within it. One such instance occurred this summer: My visual disability does not allow me to drive. On a Queen Creek Connection Facebook post about Girls Scouts in the area, I mentioned this as the reason I couldn't put my daughter in a troop, though she had been asking me to enroll her for years. Jeff Brown saw my comment on this post and contacted me. Within a few hours, he had connected me with a Girl Scout leader in our community who helped me find a regular ride for my daughter, and now my daughter is a proud Girl Scout cadette!

This may seem like a silly thing to some, and I know his job as a councilman isn't as a personal liaison to Girl Scouts, but it shows on a smaller scale what Councilman Brown can do, and what he has done, for our community. He sees past hurdles and uses CONNECTION to bring Queen Creek residents to a higher level of living.


‎John Giles‎

Jeff is a great Councilmember. He is dedicated, professional, and trustworthy. I enjoy working with him on regional issues. I endorse him and encourage everyone in Queen Creek to do the same.

John Giles – Mayor of Mesa, AZ

‎Amy Sund Kaylor‎

I fully support Jeff Brown and his reelection to the City Council of Queen Creek. I find Jeff to be one of the most available members who always has time to listen to his community. He is dedicated to growing our little town and has helped to revive our roads, shops and restaurants. I find him to be honest and he always has a giant grin on his face when he is out and about mingling at numerous events. Join me in supporting Jeff Brown on his reelection!

‎Mike Lucas‎

Jeff, I want take this opportunity to say thank you for all that you do for the Town of Queen Creek, the residents and your strong support for Public Safety. I look forward to your annual appearance and support of the Queen Creek Kids Christmas Car Show and Toy Drive which provides for children throughout the South East Valley and North West Pinal County. I am sure that your continued service to Town projects, your efforts to enhance fire, medical and law enforcement presence are, and will continue to be appreciated by all.

Deputy – Maricopa County Sherrif’s office

‎Jeff Nagy‎

In 2008, the US Air Force relocated me and my family one final time before I retired. We had the good fortune to find a home here in Queen Creek and call it our final resting place! A few years ago I had the pleasure to befriend Jeff and have followed his work and admired his dedication to the town of Queen Creek. Jeff epitomizes leadership and is who I want moving our town forward. Jeff unquestionably has my respect and vote!

Dr Jeff Nagy, Capt, USAF, Ret.

Kevin Thompson · 

I am truly honored to offer my endorsement for Jeff Brown. I've known Jeff for many years, and his dedication to the citizens of Queen Creek, and his integrity as a Councilmember are above reproach.

What makes Jeff stand head and shoulders above any competition is his understanding that towns and cities have to work as regional partners to grow our economies, and I can't think of a better regional partner to have.

Please join me in supporting Jeff Brown for Queen Creek Town Council

Council Member / City of Mesa, AZ


‎Alissa Reinesch Pope‎

As a 10 year QC resident and AZ native I am proud to call QC my home. Jeff Brown is someone who continues to help build this community through his strong integrity. Anytime I have a concern, question, suggestion etc regarding QC Jeff Brown is the person I go to. He listens, provides honest solutions and is dedicated to making QC a great place to call home. He is also the most accessible councilman ever! I contact him and have a response in record time. I was just reminded by FB that a year ago he played a part in having larger signage installed at the 24 freeway. I was so impressed with his response to my concern regarding this even though it was out of town limits. He cares about the community and our safety. Jeff Brown you have my vote!

‎Kenneth Crouch‎

As a resident who attends many council meetings, it is obvious that Jeff is a true leader in our community. He is always one of the best informed council members and when he votes no, he articulates well thought out reasons supporting his position. He is an excellent steward of our taxpayer money but makes common sense decisions that improve the quality of life in QC also.

Jason Barney

"A healthy, thriving Queen Creek both now and long into the future happens best when there is a collaborative and balanced relationship between citizens, elected leadership, staff, and the development community. Through many years of public service, Jeff Brown has learned both the critical importance of that balance as well as the best ways to achieve it. These next few years will be both pivotal and amazing for Queen Creek as it moves to the forefront of market opportunity in the valley. Through the experienced leadership of Jeff Brown, Queen Creek can harness that opportunity while preserving it’s values, heritage, and character. Jason Barney. Circle G/Barney Farms. Queen Creek Business Owner and Area Stakeholder

‎Jolynn Warner‎

As a small business owner in Queen Creek, I encourage you to vote for Jeff Brown to continue his service on the Queen Creek Town Council. He understands the value and importance of small business in our community and dedicates a great deal of time to personally promote these businesses. He continues to support the growth and development of small business by standing behind changes to Town ordinances and regulations that will better foster a community of successful businesses.

Sterling Services

HONEST*ACCESSIBLE*DEDICATED - These are the core values Jeff Brown operates with. Jeff supports and promotes the efforts of small business in this town we call home. This, in turn supports the community causes that we support as businesses. This has a multiplying effect that is a real win-win for all. Jeff also has an ear for the people and truly understands the role of public service and has earned our vote.

‎Lauri Kasten Lock‎

Jeff Brown is an essential part of the Queen Creek Town Council. As a small business owner it is important to know that Jeff is greatly involved in his community. He supports and is an advocate for small businessess. He gives quick and accurate responses to questions involving any of the goings on in the community. You can tell Jeff loves this town and would continue to be an asset in the Town Council! Thank you Jeff for all you do!

‎Lindzie Head‎

Vote to re-elect Jeff Brown! Jeff Brown is dedicated to our city ensuring that Queen Creek is a place that people feel at home. He has ensured needed improvements are happening around our town - Queen Creek wash trail improvements, widening of Rittenhouse road and other roads. He is honest about where our tax dollars are being spent in our city. If the money can't be spent, he gives an honest answer about the why's. Jeff is accessible when questions arise and does his best to answer those as they come up, even if the same question has been asked 10 times. Jeff Brown - honest, accessible, and dedicated.

‎Cassy Downs‎ 

ReElecting Jeff Brown is an easy decision for me! He is VERY knowledgeable in happenings in Queen Creek and you can tell how much pride he has for our town! He is quick to answer questions anyone may have and he listens to concerns with an open mind and always welcomes any ideas from the townspeople! His honesty and generosity are two of the amazing personality traits he holds. He loves to stop and shake your hand when he sees you around town, and it happens a lot because he is ALWAYS around town!! He doesn't sit in a building and work, he gets out into the community to be a part of it with us!!! Jeff Brown has my vote and I hope he has yours too!!

‎Craig Seymore‎

I have had the opportunity to work beside Jeff Brown the past couple of months. I can tell you he wants to continue to make The Town Of Queen Creek is his top priority. He is dedicated, hardworking and has honesty and integrity. I respect him and thank him for his service. I highly recommend you to vote for him in the upcoming election. Thank you Jeff for all you do.

‎Tanya Ellsworth Scheurn

When I had bought my home and needed some advise on who and how to properly take care of a stop sign that needed to be repositioned from my front yard to the common area landscape, Jeff Brown helped me get in contact with those could help me promptly and swiftly. He is always trying to make Queen Creek a stronger community! Thanks again Jeff!

Gail Barney

"Jeff's got my vote and I encourage you to vote for him too. Council member Brown's commitment to the Queen Creek community is obvious by the amount of effort he puts into learning about each issue, getting feedback from our residents, and keeping them informed throughout projects. He is always interested in hearing from residents, and takes their opinions into account when voting on issues. I have great respect for Jeff and all that he does for our community. He’s got my vote and I encourage you to vote for him too." Gail Barney / Mayor and Lifelong Resident of Queen Creek.

David Bond‎

I fully endorse Jeff Brown and his continued public service. His Accessibility is legendary, his Honesty is refreshing, and his Dedication to the Town of Queen Creek is obvious. He frequently goes out of his way to inform, educate, update and support his neighbors and friends.....and he considers everyone his neighbor and friend. I care a lot about my Town, and I care a lot about who serves on the Town Council. So voting for Mr. Brown is a very simple decision for me to make.

‎Kim Mnich-Zoeteman‎

I have lived in Queen Creek for 13 years, I have watched the growth and have seen the changes. Jeff Brown is an integral part of those changes; he is dedicated and passionate for our town and its residents. He listens to concerns and suggestions and has the ability to implement policy. He has voted for or against certain issues that have protected us or moved our town in the right direction. My husband and I moved here for the small town feel (now with some bonuses) and would like to continue to have that in the future. ~Jeff Brown is the voice for the people of Queen Creek. You have our vote!! Thank you for all you do and continue to do. 

~The Zoeteman family



Spencer and Rebecca Hale

Let's keep honest people we can trust, who make educated decisions based on the best interest of the town. We are voting for Jeff Brown 


Beth Rhodes

It's the simple things you do that keep my vote. We had a friend in from out of town who left his wallet at a local restaurant. You went above and beyond to contact the owner early Sunday morning to help him get it back so he'd have ID to get on his plane at noon so he could meet his boys in time for a hike. You are the best!!

Partial list of Community Endorsers...

Steve Ingram

Cathy Wilder-Maiorano

Danielle Fallbeck Collinwood

Alden Weight

Benjamin Scheier

Rosa Ivette

Lisa Davies

Francine Marshal

Venessa Whitener

Karen Fodroczi Berg 

Monica Simpson Craig

Todd Sautter "Santa" 

Lynn Marzonie 

Jennie Way 

Darcie Iverson Naylor 

‎Chris Webb‎ 

‎George A Easton‎ 

‎Mike Caruso‎
Katherine McGrue-Whitmeyer

Mayor Jenn Daniels - Town of Gilbert

‎Megan Randlett Camunez‎ 

‎Andrea Polyak‎ 

‎Brigette Peterson‎ 

‎Deb Lasse‎

‎Sarah Lunder‎ 

Deb Dugas

‎Todd Kaylor‎ 

‎Stacey Law Murphy‎ 

‎Pamela Dean

‎Lianna Crosby‎ 

‎Toti Moritz‎ 

‎David Jagoda‎ 

‎Tasha Wiles‎

‎Karen Mallo‎

‎Derek O'Toole‎

‎Dru Alberti‎

‎Timeri Morin‎ 

‎Alissa Day Mott‎ 

‎Jennifer Letner Cooper

‎Taylor Sullivan‎ 

‎Susan Frazier Leonard

‎Cheri Phillips Jacobs‎

‎Stacia Eberhardt Koopman‎ 

‎Carinne Baltzer‎ 

‎Brian Crummy‎ 

‎Cherie Richardson‎ 

‎Bryan Martyn‎

‎Kristen Shiflet Peterson

‎Tami Hall‎

‎Angelee Holt‎ 

‎Alex R. Foote‎

Judy Kreikemeier-Luebbert 

‎Patrick Camuñez‎ 

‎Shelli Richardson Boggs‎

‎Lea J Spall‎ 

‎Stacey Davis‎ 

‎Mary Bosworth Ciofalo‎ 

‎Tasha Bantau

‎Stacey Bonenberger

‎Leah Gumm‎ 

Jon and Vickey Wooten

‎Meredith Griffith‎ 

‎Jennifer Sharp‎

‎Jeffrey Hughes‎

‎Holly Pace‎ 

‎Dawn Moore Binder‎ 

‎Liz Tileston Cuillard‎ 

Carlos and Sylvia Acuna

‎Shannon Brinkman Webster‎ 

‎Sheryl S. McClure‎ 

‎Geoff Wheelock‎

‎Jennifer Revolt‎ 

‎Selena Perriton‎

‎Melissa Tellon

Bill Lehman

Tyler Sorensen

‎Brion Matthew‎ 

‎Kim Scibelli‎  

‎Kyle Olson

Perry and Lana Berry

Lisa Papa

‎Larry Agle‎

"Hello Jeff,

Congratulations on being endorsed by the Southeast Valley Chapter (formerly SEVRAR) of the West and Southeast REALTORS® of the Valley (WeSERV); we represent 25,000 real estate professionals in the greater-Phoenix metro area. 


As follow-up from our last discussion, attached is a digital-endorsement logo for you to use with your campaign material.  This is our “REALTOR® Champion” designation which we reserve for those officials we believe fully support small business and the real estate industry, and who are committed to their citizens in providing a strong quality of life in their respective communities. 

Matt Ortega

Vice President of Government Affairs"

Future Endorsement :-)

I would love to have YOUR Endorsement! Please email a few words as to why you support my re-election.

Future Endorsement :-)

I would love to have YOUR Endorsement! Please email a few words as to why you support my re-election.

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