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May 7th, 2020

About Opening Az, About Opening QC and About Queen Creek Businesses and Residents.

Town of Queen Creek Mayor and Council have been working since last week on the linked proclamation. It was finalized a couple of days ago and read into the record last night.

From my own perspective...
As you all already know...I love our residents and our business owners... it's been heart wrenching to see all who've been impacted so greatly over the past couple of months. Like other's, my heart hurts for those who've suffered a little... and even more so for those who've suffered greatly. Their stories are numerous and heart breaking to say the least. Many of them are my very own friends and neighbors, some of them are folks I personally helped land in Queen Creek and helped cut grand-opening ribbons with... all of them are just generally people I care deeply about and for whom I have great respect and admiration.

As this group's members likely are fully aware, the Town of Queen Creek itself didn't close or shutter any businesses and hasn't disallowed anyone from working or being productive. Not even one.

You'll recall that the Governor’s Executive Orders, and A.RS. § 26-307 usurped local control in great measure. Those orders stated "no county, city or town may make or issue any order, rule or regulation that conflicts with the policy, directives or intent of this Executive Order, including any order, rule or regulation that limits an individual from conducting, participating in or receiving Essential Services, Essential Activities or Non-essential Services as set forth in the Governor’s Executive Orders."

The legal recourse then has been to work with the Governor (and State Legislators) throughout the duration, but even more so over the past few weeks to help them all to understand the local QC impacts of the orders as they likewise factor in the public health data and information that they have so much more access to.

Last night's town council meeting saw the attached QC proclamation in support yet again of Queen Creek's businesses and workers... along with a reaffirmation of our own ongoing efforts in support of assisting QC businesses to recover and have as soft a landing as possible. Of course I'll personally continue to encourage folks to maintain proper hygiene and take reasonable precautions against the spread of Covid-19.

Regards, Jeff Brown

April 6th, 2020

VIRTUAL GroundBreaking SIGNAL BUTTE Road project.

When Covid-19 Social Distancing is required but you still want to CELEBRATE and present info about an upcoming ROAD IMPROVEMENT Project... you host a "virtual groundbreaking". 🚧🛣   Watch Video ➡️➡️➡️ #BetterRoadsAhead 

Nov 3rd, 2019

Meridian Road project begins for Cherrywood to Combs


$4.43M of YOUR Tax Dollars at Work to provide #FasterEmergencyResponse and #BetterRoadsAhead to Residents!

Town Council voted Unanimously in Sept to expend a bunch of your money for a 14 barrel Full Box Culvert to Cross the Queen Creek Wash at MERIDIAN Rd as well as Interim roadway along the eastern half that will connect Combs Road to existing improvements at Church Farms.

(All of this is Possible due to the BEST Public Works team in the Valley! #QCPublicWorksROCKSTARS )

The interim roadway will provide Emergency Vehicles responding from the Combs Fire Station a direct route to the neighborhoods directly north of the wash. Currently, emergency vehicles have to travel east to Gantzel Rd, then north to Ocotillo Rd, and then back west to Meridian Road.

The interim improvements will significantly reduce Queen Creek Fire & Medical response times to neighborhoods north of the wash.👨‍🚒🚒🚨

Additionally, this route will provide an alternative traffic route during a significant portion of the Rittenhouse Road construction project that will begin in the fall of this year.

We anticipate this expediting of the Meridian Rd connection from Combs across the QC Wash to result in an opening date 14-18 months SOONER than we had previously published.

This expediting is possible by way of a 50/50 PARTNERSHIP with #PinalCounty

Phase 1 could open by MARCH 2020!  (UPDATE - NOW OPEN!)

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